A disconnected society

A disconnected society

Today, we’re in touch with whoever, whenever. But, this constant connection is slowly destroying the extent at which we’re connecting with one another.

How so?

It’s technology’s fault

Ah yes, the true love of all our lives. Don’t get me wrong, I love my phone, more so than a lot of other things, and it does enrich my relationships with a lot of people I would otherwise fail to connect with.


Because I’m in constant conversation with so many people, I forget to see the woods through the trees, ignoring the conversation I’m meant to be having over dinner.

It also means that I’m a prisoner of the connections I’ve made online, too.

When people know I’ve ‘seen’ a message, a wave of guilt comes over me and I feel compelled to reply right there and then, no matter what it is I’m doing.

Those coffee shop conversations are constantly interrupted by the need to reply to people on the phone. I’ve even stopped mid-run to respond to a WhatsApp message before, just because someone asked a question that didn’t warrant an instant reply.

Yet, there I was, stood still in the park, staring at my phone and not at the view of London I’d run to see.

Where’s the value?

Sure, technology does us wonders, but we’re quickly losing sight of what provides us true value and what provides us false value.

We’re self-indulgent, non-caring.

Because we care more about likes then about the content we create and the memories we take. We care more about responding to someone on the phone then to responding to someone in person.

And that’s just not how it should be.

Don’t forget whats really important.