Designing an inspiring workspace

Designing an inspiring workspace

I recently invested in a £10 desk chair from Gumtree. A legitimate desk chair, designed to sit in-between the legs of a desk, purposely built for desk-related work. Prior to this, I would sit on an uncomfortable brown leather dining room chair, designed for the dining room. It had buckled springs under the cushion and no back support. It also didn’t sit high enough for me to type comfortably at my desk.

This £10 chair has changed my writing habits hugely… It’s allowed me to feel more confident in my workspace. Having the ability to swivel left and right, as well as change the height adjustments makes me so much more at home at my desk, so much more productive behind it. I sit at the correct height when typing on my computer now, which means my lower back pain has slightly subsided allowing me to focus more on the writing and less on the agony of simply sitting. I feel like I can tackle any writing related problem now, all because of a simple desk chair.

On top of this, I also purchased a £10 whiteboard to hang above my desk and have set 3, 6 and 12 month goals (which are pinned up on the wall in front of my desk). I’ve also made note of about 100 writing prompts that I intend to complete day-by-day at my typewriter (excellent development exercise!).

In the three years I’ve had behind this desk, the work I completed throughout my degree at it, this is the most set-up and proactive I’ve ever felt, and it’s changed everything about the way I work. I’m far more motivated as a result of having a proper desk set-up, far more ready for the challenge. My desk is a place I want to be at now; writing no longer feels like a chore I have to complete. I feel ready and inspired to put thoughts onto paper. Who knew such a small adjustment to my working environment could change so much.

As shallow as this is to say, material purchase is a big factor in generating motivation. Consider the gym: Personally, I’m far more likely to build a gym habit if I purchase new trainers and new gadgets that keep track of my heart rate. It feels like professional support. It’s the same for writing. Invest in a workspace you want to spend time at, and I guarantee you’ll be writing like theres no tomorrow.