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Drinking With Therapists

Callum Sharptherapy, blog, opinion
Drinking With Therapists

Last night I went out for drinks with a group of friends, two of which happen to be qualified therapists.

It’s always an interesting evening when I drink with these two people. I get psycho-analysed constantly, and every conversation takes a turn to the deep end, where we all end up questioning what is happening with our lives and those around us.

I know a lot of people who would absolutely hate going out drinking and being told you need to change. I could talk about attractive women across the table from us, and all of a sudden the question is raised…

“What do you see in her that’s attractive?”

“What is stopping you from talking to her?”

“Do you feel like you’d have an organic connection with that girl?”

And so on…

Next thing I know, my personality is under heavy scrutiny (we’re usually three pints in at this point), and I’m getting told I need to stop being so self-destructive; I need to reduce the pressure I put on myself.

I could sit and nod along, and then go and talk to my other, more ‘conventional’ friends…

But I don’t.

I actually enjoy being called. Although we’re all a little drunk, everything is said in the best way, it is never a personal attack.

For me, it’s a useful time for self-development. I always learn something new about myself when I speak to these two people. The alcohol just exacerbates the situation, it removes the barrier of offence and introduces total honesty.

Last night's topics included George Orwell’s take on politics and society, and how accurate 1984 is to the present day. This led to talks of Marxism and the bourgeoisie society that accepts the current situation without a flicker of concern, which led to talks of gender equality… somehow.

This is what I love.

Having debates under the influence with two of the most knowledgable and open minded people I know is incredibly fulfilling.

It’s safe to say I learn more about myself and society in a few hours of solid talk with my friends than I do studying a degree for three years.