The key to good writing is back exercises

The key to good writing is back exercises

Writing is an arduous craft. It’s takes many long nights – lonesome nights at that – and a lot of thought to produce something worthwhile.

But the hardest thing about writing, is sitting still.

Margaret Atwood once said,

Do back exercises. Pain is distracting.

See, writing takes a whole lot of focus. It’s about tuning out the external and tuning into yourself, finding new and exciting ways to bring your thoughts to life on paper.

Pain is an externality. A distraction from good writing.

We weren’t designed to sit still all day long.

We’re designed for activity and movement. So I urge you, if you want to produce good writing, put on your running shoes and step outside once in a while.

If not for the sake of physical pain, at least do it for the sake of mental pain.