Stop letting your ego get in the way of your writing

Stop letting your ego get in the way of your writing

Self-protection is a hot topic. Seriously, no one wants to get burned up for something they’ve said or done. Everyone just wants to be rewarded and liked for their efforts.

But good writing doesn’t work that way. In fact, art in general doesn’t work that way.

Honest writing is the best writing, yet we all seem to fear that vulnerable feeling you get when you put down the mirror and truly express yourself. I know I do. I’m afraid people will look at me differently if I write something that doesn’t relate to my personality, that my mum will read something and call me up, that my friends will stop speaking to me.

This isn’t honesty.

I write and I write, but 9 times out of 10 my work is written in-part to gauge the reaction I want, rather than to tell the story I intended to tell.

Writing requires a thick skin

The biggest killer of good writing is EGO. We’re all so concerned on becoming someone and getting the attention we think we deserve that we forget all that really matters is the work at hand, and nothing else.

Ironically, if the sole focus was in fact the work at hand, we’d likely get the recognition we wanted in the first place.

But alas, writing doesn’t work that way. Because I’m deserving, I’m hardworking and I’m someone with something to say.

If only I was honest…

[Originally published here by The Writing Cooperative]