An interview with COASTS

[Published in Latitude Lookout magazine in 2016]

Hey man, Hows the tour going so far?

Chris: Yeah it’s been awesome man, really really good! We’ve had some great receptions. We started in Brighton on Saturday (22nd) and finish on December 7th… The last show is in Manchester.

Cool, Whats the biggest show on the tour?

Chris: This is the biggest show on this tour, and probably the biggest headline show we’ve done so far!

What influences the summer sound you have?

Chris: We have vast influences from so many different genres of music, and we listen to so much varied music; to pin down a particular artist is really hard. I just try to read a lot and soak up a lot of that because I mainly write most of the lyrics and the melody.

Do you find it easier writing upbeat songs? Most artists seem to find that more difficult…

Chris: I guess so, I naturally veer towards those sort of songs. It’s really enjoyable when you write an upbeat song and it just works, and then you play it live and the audience reacts off of that, especially at festivals.

In the song Golden City, you sing about leaving your heart in London. What’s the link there considering you’re from Bristol?

Chris: So, I’m born and bread in Bristol but I now live in London. At the time I wrote the song I was living in Bristol and my girlfriend was in London, so it’s about having to go away and leave her.

I watched your ‘A Rush Of Blood’ video and it was insane! How did that idea come about?

Chris: Cheers man! Basically, the lyrics are all about when I went travelling and it was about being away from my girlfriend. So when we came to getting a video for it I just wrote what the song was about to me and sent it to our label. Loads of directors pitched in a bunch of different ideas and that one was the one that worked the most.

Where is it filmed?

Chris: It’s filmed all across America, theres a group of people that travel all around and essentially live off the land; they don’t have jobs and skip trains and stuff. That was something that hadn’t been documented I think, load’s of young people doing that.

You’ve got an EP release soon! What can we expect?

Chris: It’s out at the end of January, we’re properly releasing it then but most of the songs are up now. We’ve experimented with some stuff on this record. It’s a bit of a departure away from certain aspects of what we’re about as a band, but it’s still Coasts, it’s still a Coasts record.

Cool! 2015 is set to be a busy year for you guys, it’s already confirmed you’re playing Coachella and Lollapalooza. Are there any more festivals announced?

Chris: So we’ve got SXSW that’s been announced. We’re hopefully doing most of the festivals, or thats the plan anyway!

Are you playing Reading or Glastonbury?

Chris: Umm… Yeah I hope so! We have a few that we know about that we haven’t announced yet but we just want to do every festival man, they’re the most fun shows!

I’m assuming there will be another UK tour next year?

Chris: Yeah, I’d imagine so. We haven’t announced any of this but we’ll be touring every now and then over the course of the next year. We’ll probably be on tour for about the next year and a half…

You excited about that?

Chris: Yeah! Live shows are the best thing about being in a band!

Finally, any chance of an LP release?

Chris: Definitely! It’ll most likely be in the summer. We haven’t set a date but this summer definitely man.

Thanks Chris!

Coasts have a busy year ahead with tours and festivals, they're playing SXSW and Coachella and are currently on an US tour... Expect big things from these guys this year!