Charlie Simpson: live at Islington Assembly Hall

Charlie Simpson: live at Islington Assembly Hall

It was great to see such a musically talented artist perform in what was clearly his element. Having diversified from the likes of Busted and Fightstar, Simpson has definitely found his unique style, which was portrayed beautifully at this extremely intimate show where he pleasantly surprised the crowd with the announcement of his wife’s pregnancy.

[Published in Latitude Lookout magazine in 2016]

Playing audience favourites including ‘Down, Down, Down’ and ‘Emily’, Simpson’s passionately emotive lyrics and collected guitar melodies entranced his immensely loyal fans into a night of home comforts. He even treated us to a brilliantly thought-provoking rendition of Imogen Heap’s ‘Hide and Seek’, one of my favourite songs.

Now on his second record, it is clear to see that this is what Simpson has been searching for all along. His years on stage and previous adventures have resulted in something remarkably special, making Simpson a respected household name for all ages to thoroughly enjoy.

It looks like 2015 will be a great year for this UK artist with more festival and tour dates in the works, which may have to be postponed to make way for fatherhood. Let’s hope this experience will bring a new record with it…