Everything you need to know about Circa Waves

Whist working at the Liverpool based music festival SoundCity in 2013, frontman Kieran Shuddall met members Sam Rourke (bass), Joe Falconer (guitar) and Sian Plummer (drums) with the intention to return a year later and headline the festival, but after an extremely successful EP release they have comfortably surpassed all expectations.

[Published in Latitude Lookout magazine in 2016]

On the Road

The four piece have just wrapped up an intense tour that took them across Europe and the UK supporting both The Libertines and The 1975. Straight after they ventured out on their own headline tour in the US and hit the UK once again. Considering life on the road isn’t all glamour and the reality is that you’re stuck in a van for most of it, fallouts are to be expected. Falconer gave an insight into tour life, describing the arguments as “petty sh*t, like people taking the back seat in the van… again. It’s such a small space, it’s not actual beef, it’s just sh*tty living conditions”. Fortunately these Liverpudlians have found a way to keep morale high, Sian put it in a nutshell, saying “If we’re not sleeping, we’re playing Tiger Woods in the van”. They clearly have their down time in good check.


Many critics have related them to acts like The Subways, Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes, but Falconer felt this was a shallow judgement. He reported, “It’s quite easy to relate to those indie bands in the UK, but actually I think Keirans songwriting is influenced more by the classic 1970’s singer/songwriter stuff, he really loves the form of it. We’re all into punk music which is a bit more scrappy, so I think that those sort of comparisons are fair, but if you dig a little deeper you find a lot more to it.” I certainly agree, they do indeed fit the stereotype of big names like The Strokes, but they have definitely found a niche groove that clearly many have taken a liking to.

The advice

Considering how hard it is to break into the music industry, it seemed fitting to take the opportunity and ask what the band felt the key to success was. Sian delivered a motivating response, stating that the best thing was to “…practice and play loads of gigs, and always listen to your audience, I think thats key.”

Well, your audience loves what you’re doing and we’re all very excited for next year. Expect festival dates, more touring and, fingers crossed, some new material…

Circa Waves are on tour! Check out their 2015 dates here and go see them live, follow their Facebook page and generally get caught up in all the hype around this band!