Misty Miller at the 100 Club

Misty Miller returned to her hometown on Wednesday night to play her biggest London show to date, headlining the 100 Club on Oxford Street. The Wimbledon-born songstress is about to finish up a run of dates across the country with her full band before her latest album comes out, released through Relentless Records. Supporting was The Midnight Barbers, a punk-meets-country duo filled with resentment and despair who enraptured the audience from the very beginning, and following them The Severed Limb, a New Orleans inspired ‘big band’ of sorts that showcased intelligent musical ability and cleverly written songs that required the use of an accordion, double bass and even a damn washboard! It certainly was a unique experience. 

[Published in Maybe It's Because magazine in 2016]

Miller hit the stage around 9.30 and dove head first into classics both old and new, playing her big hitter ‘Happy’ quite early on into the set. The wildest portion of the evening was her rendition of One Direction’s song ‘Steal My Girl’ which, when transcribed into a punk format, was incredibly powerful and sparked up the audience some, pushing the already high levels of testosterone through the roof. The band sold it for me, who remained massively energetic throughout and demonstrated incredible musicianship. The highlight was that they entered the stage dressed in a uniform of white t-shirts and braces that portrayed them as coalminers, which added to the metaphor of Millers music being ‘underground’ and ‘edgy’. It wasn’t long before they removed their T’s and decided to play on the side of skins however; I only think it took the bass player 2 songs before he bared all and showed off his tattooed chest…

Miller’s belligerent lyrics contrasted perfectly with her occasionally sensitive vocals that kept the audience entranced throughout, it was as if she was delving into your own personal demons and shouting your problems back at you to make you wake up and smell the coffee. Of course, whats punk without emotional screaming; lines like “I’ve been sleeping with your friends” and “take off your shades and let's stare” took hold of the crowd, and for a moment or two the atmosphere dropped as everyone realised they all had issues to deal with. 

All in all, Misty Miller’s performance was a mind-blowing blend of emotion and angst that portrays the difficulties everyone can relate to in life. As the punk revival continues, it’s with ease to say that Miller is destined to go even further than her current position and I’ve got full confidence her next album will reach out to many more. I’m looking forward to the next London show.