The Beach - Thieves (single) review

With a similar sound to that of Ben Howard and Sunset Sons, Clapham based George Morgan - A.K.A The Beach - has tapped into a niche section of an already thriving genre of music, blending deep piano and toned acoustic melodies with reverb-friendly vocals, making for an extremely likeable tune. The dynamic to this tune is undeniably wonderful. Morgans ability to energise your thoughts at any moment leaves you wanting to hear the tune out, hoping that when you’re finished, you’ll feel motivated beyond belief. The false hype of the first chorus is the focal point, progressing to the second chorus with only an added drum beat.

[Published in Latitude Lookout magazine in 2016]

It’s the notable change towards the end of the song that does it for me. The John Newman inspired lyrical melodies amalgamate perfectly with the thumping drum groove, complimented by atmospheric ooo’s that’ll make anyones insides scream with emotion. This really is the zenith of this beautiful tune. 

I only hope for more of the same from The Beach, there are high expectations, however at this point in time, it’s “making me feel all good”.