What I’ve learned writing a mini-series about writing

What I’ve learned writing a mini-series about writing

I’ve written a Medium article almost everyday for the last four months. It’s been a challenge, undoubtedly, but it has also been wildly rewarding. More so than I realised, in fact.

I began writing on Medium for the sake of building a daily creative writing habit. As a commercial copywriter, I wanted to write more for myself, about topics I enjoy and that pushed my creativity.

But the start of this habit wasn’t easy to build.

I had no formula in place, and so everything I wrote took me twice as long as it needed to. But after a month or so, processes started to shape themselves. I knew how to set these articles up, how to ideate content in an efficient way and I could get the words on paper with ease, perhaps finishing an article with time spare to make a second cup of coffee.

And then I thought about writing a mini-series, titled ‘Basics to better writing’.

It was to be nothing flash or difficult to follow, just short snippets on how writers can develop their skills and involve themselves in the craft.

And it’s been rewarding. Albeit, it was a very mini series. I wrote (with the one that is still under review) eight articles in the series.

Here’s what it taught me.

Consistency is the only thing that matters

Nothing is more important than consistency. The ‘basics to better writing’ mini-series held me accountable to myself, and at a time when I was wavering beginning to fault on my daily writing habit, it gave me a leg up to keep on the horse.

Nothing is more important then doing something day after day, little by little.

Process is progress.

I love the craft of writing

I only write for a few publications, and most of those are writing-oriented publications, like The Writing Cooperative and Curiosity Never Killed The Writer.

I love writing about writing.

At this point in my career, I’m in a state of learning and development. I don’t know everything about writing and I want to. Writing about writing, then, is like self-teaching myself. I’ll read an article back and re-learn what I’ve just written down. And that’s valuable.

As much as I enjoy writing about other topics, writing is one that has always stuck around. And I’ve no doubt that, even as I branch out in the coming months to cover a new area, writing about writing will always be what I love doing most.

If you love something, there’s always time for it

People often complain they don’t have time for something they want to do. The truth is, if you want something badly enough or you enjoy doing something so much, you’ll always make time for it.

I work a full-time job as a copywriter for an agency. I play drums in a band around this schedule. And somehow, I’ve found the time to write a daily article on Medium.

That’s a habit I have no intention of breaking.

With this said, I’m suffer from the classic ‘I can always do more’ syndrome. Because, I can always do more. Work harder. Write more. Be more creative. Travel more. Whatever it is, I struggle with the idea of being content.

But writing is my favourite thing to do, and writing for myself is my favourite thing to do, which is why writing these daily articles has been so rewarding.

Here’s what I’m trying to say…

I’m ending my mini-series. It’s given me just the fuel I needed to push on to the next thing, and as challenging as it has been, it’s time to mix up the bag again.