4 writing communities to join in London today

4 writing communities to join in London today

Writing is often seen as a solitary craft. As much as I like writing alone, it’s good to work with others to hear new perspectives and get feedback on your work.

As a London-living writer, then, I’m arriving to this party with four exciting writing communities to check out. Here goes…

1. London Writers’ Cafe

The best writing groups are those who use the word ‘writers’’ and place the apostrophe in the correct place. Everyone else can be forgotten. (My company does this too. We created a ‘writers’ gin’ for the team. Cool, eh?)

The London Writers’ Cafe is a great place to meet and greet fellow writers. They often meet in pubs across the capital and play host to a range of special guests who are brought in to talk about certain aspects of writing, from character development to creative writing workshops.

Find this community on Meetup here.

2. Poetry London’s comprehensive list

Poetry London has a whole host of writing meet ups for the beginner and the experienced. With groups spanning the entire city (from Harrow to Brixton), this is the perfect resource for finding a group that’s tailored to you.

And it’s not just poetry groups.

There’s groups that aim to promote black writing, library reading groups and writing workshop groups that look to help writers develop their skills in general. This list has something for everyone.

3. London Writers’ Club

Oh look, another group that plays on that apostrophe! This group is perfect for those looking to take their writing more seriously and get published.

The premise is: They’ll put you in touch with literary agents and teach you how to get your writing out there. It’s a promising group (and they have a great website!).

With live events (that are free to members), workshops and masterclasses, this group has everything a promising writer could need.

4. Spread the Word

Spread the Word is a writing development agency looking to take new and emerging writers under their wing with the intention of building their careers.

For those looking for a casual writing community, this perhaps isn’t for you, but for those looking to build a career and survive as a writer, it’s almost impossible to do so without the support of this community.

I recommend signing up, as soon as possible.

That’s all, folks. Have I missed any from the list? Let me know your favourite writing groups in the comments below!