Prompt: ‘where did you get those guns?’

‘Where did you get those guns?’ asked David. He was stood at the foot of his best friends dorm room bed, staring into Jason’s trunk that his parents had dropped off a few weeks after Jason himself was dropped off at Hillbury boarding school.

Jason stared at him, annoyed at David for responding so sensibly. David knew the answer to his own question instantly, but was in disbelief and needed to hear it from his best friend for clarification.

‘Surely they’re not from… no.’ He shook his head and laughed to himself, denying Jason’s foolishness.

In the trunk sat two Walther P99s, James Bond’s choice of weapon in Die Another Day. The handguns lay side-by-side on top of a Hillbury school hoodie, both magazines fully inserted and ready to go.

The guns had a mischievous air about them and David felt a wave of intimidation take a hold. He felt instantly powerless and scared for his friendship.

The dorm was quiet. It was a Sunday afternoon and their class had free time after a morning of PT. Most students had taken the bus into town a few hours earlier to try and get into the local pub with their fake IDs, but David and Jason stayed behind. The two stood in the 30-bed dorm, excited and scared at what they could do with their new treasure, their newfound opportunity.

‘What are you gonna do, Jason?’ David asked.

‘I dunno, use them I guess, have a little fun,’ replied Jason. He smiled a little to himself.

‘I don’t like this, not one bit.’ David’s voice broke mid-sentence, fearing the inevitable confrontation he’d have to have with his best friend.

But Jason ignored his angst.

‘Hey, I saw a couple of pigeons outside. Let’s go try these puppies out!’ With that, Jason took both pistols and walked off towards the open door of the dorm room.

David followed.

As they got to the exit, David put his hand on Jason’s shoulder and pulled him back, turning him where he stood. Jason was annoyed now, impatient with his afraid-to-live friend that kept holding him back.

‘What?!’ he snapped.

‘Don’t do this, we’re not supposed to have those,’ said David.

‘What? These?!’ Jason lifted the weapons and playfully waved them about in the air, belittling David. ‘Whats gonna happen David? Awh, are you afraid?’

Before David could respond, Jason tripped on the step at the entrance to the dorm and fell. He panicked and squeezed tight as he reacted, firing a round off. The bang of the gun rang out across the campus and the nearby pigeons fled in fear. Jason pulled himself up off the ground and turned to face the dorm.

He stood and stared.

Through the door lay David. The side of his head had exploded and brain leaked onto the floor. Fragments of skull floated out across the wooden floor as blood gushed from his head. Only one eyeball remained.

Jason dropped the weapon he fired but remained holding the other, gripping it more tightly now than ever as his eyes grew wide with horror. He started crying, weeping as his body convulsed and shook, unable to comprehend the scene before him.

In moments, Jason straightened himself out and ran his free hand through his hair and wiped away the tears with the back of the hand that held onto the unused gun. ‘Run’ was all he thought, but as he turned he was greeted by his classmates, all of whom had come running from the bus as they stepped onto campus and heard the gunshot.

Jason stood still in his tracks, paralysed. Nobody said a word.

His classmates stood wide-eyed and silent, the atmosphere tense as if in some sort of uneven Mexican stand-off. Before anyone could do anything, Jason raised the gun to his head and closed his eyes. Almost simultaneously, his classmates put their hands over their eyes and winced.