3 creative writing courses to pursue this winter

3 creative writing courses to pursue this winter

Practice makes perfect, so why not improve your skills this winter?

Nothing is ever finished. Nothing is ever complete. We work and work and work, but there is no end goal.


Writing very much fits into this mould. Sure, we can be good writers — even great writers — but there’s always more to learn and progressive steps to take to become even better.

Perfection does not exist.

With all this said, however, skills can be (and should be) developed. Learning should take place all the time, and no matter when we start, how old we are or at what age we feel confident, we should always be pushing ourselves.

Here, then, are three writing classes you should look into this winter. There are many options out there, but these are some personal favourites.

Gotham writers

I completed a Gotham course a few months back. It was 6 weeks of work covering six different writing styles. Each week included a video seminar, some reading and a few writing exercises to complete.

Based in New York, this company really aims to educate. Their teaching staff are all working writers and authors, and considering it was online, the engagement and responsiveness was very pleasing.

You expect online courses to be very self-taught, which admittedly this course was, but the group forums and weekly conference calls with your classmates gave it a human touch that I rather appreciated.

The best part, however, is the one-on-one mentorship programmes they run. If you’re very serious about what you’re doing — and well stocked for cash, I might add — you can sign on for personal mentorships to help you develop your skills. Something I might consider later in my life.

Find the classes here.

Masterclass: James Patterson teaches writing

You know who he is. Heck, the world knows who he is. Masterclass holds a very affordable writing course taught by James Patterson, one of the worlds bestselling authors.

I’m yet to complete this course, but I do intend to participate.

From what I can gather, there are 22 video lessons from Patterson, class workshops and the chance for peer reviewed work (perhaps even by Patterson himself!).

I am a little worried this class is very focused on their branding and not on the education of it all, but for £70, I’m willing to run the risk to find out.

Understand plot, the importance of habit, outlines, character development and even how to pitch to editors and agents and walk away with a smorgasbord of skills for your quiver.

Find this course here.

CityLit, London

CityLit is the creative writer’s go-to hub… if you live in London. Their courses range from in-depth poetry lessons to short snippets that focus on certain aspects of writing like journalism and academia.

Although a little expensive, their teachers are all heavily qualified and working writers, authors and journalists, and the level of involvement is dense.

These classes are for those who are serious about the craft and looking to specialise in a specific area of writing… an idea I’m not too excited by personally.

Find the courses here.