Let The Work Speak For Itself

Let The Work Speak For Itself

Making a commitment, and persevering with it, is the biggest reason many people fail to get past that first hurdle in writing. It’s all too easy to prepare and prepare for your actions and develop a strong and well thought out plan, but until you actually take those difficult steps forward and do the necessary work, that ball of momentum will stay put.

It’s taken me years to realise this, but in order to move forward and get anywhere in life, you need to put the time in on the most valuable aspects of your career, and that isn’t in scheduling or budgeting, it’s in actually sitting down and writing. In the past, my intuition was constantly telling me that in order to make it somewhere in life, you needed to put yourself out there and network as hard as you could, reaching as wide an audience as possible, and whilst this is an important step, it is not pivotal in the early stages of a writer’s career.

Consistency is the biggest advantage you have if you’re trying to become a content creator and make a go of something yourself, it’s about putting in the time to develop digestible content that people want to read, but more importantly it’s about writing the content that you want to write.

It took me years to figure this out, that the process is by far the most difficult, but most rewarding, aspect of anyone’s life, not the outcome. Conjuring up articles and blog posts, writing and editing, proofreading and publishing; all of these avenues take a considerable amount of time to complete, and the harder you work and focus on each piece individually, the greater the outcome. My brother introduced me to this knowledge.

We sat down the other month and had a few beers in Whitehall, talking about life and work and progress, and all the usual things brothers talk about. I was complaining that my writing career was going nowhere, after just 6 months of professionally pursuing it. Bearing in mind that I’d just signed my first agency contract and had taken over a company’s social media account, I felt that these were still just ‘portfolio builders’, and I was unsatisfied. He simply said two things to me:

“It’s the process bro, it takes a heck of amount of time to start doing what you want to do, be patient with it, it’ll come”


“You’ve just got to let the work speak for itself”

I understood immediately. He was so right. I was all consumed by my fear of the future and the outcome, that I’d forgotten how to enjoy the process and put the work in. I was procrastinating for the sake of avoiding the actual task at hand and was choosing the easiest path possible.

Since this talk, I’ve written two chapters of a novel I’ve wanted to pursue from the age of 18, I’ve launched a publication on medium called Living Life Backwards and have gained various private copywriting projects that test my abilities constantly.

Boy is the hustle good.