Passion: the only reason to ever write

Passion: the only reason to ever write

Not just to write, but to live, too.

Ask yourself: why do you do what you do? What’s your need to do it?

Many motivational speakers explain that to do something well and to see something through, it requires a certain level of commitment. They’re right, of course.

Writing, like anything else, requires the writer to discover their ‘why’.

Their purpose.

Sitting down and dedicating time is no use if you don’t truly explore and understand why it is you’re sat there in the first place.

I have many friends — myself included — who turn to words in times of need. When they’re angry, frustrated or fed up, they write it down and ‘release’ those emotions onto paper.

But we could just as easily paint a picture, sing a song or shoot people in video games to get the same (and evidently an easier) release.

But we don’t. We use words.


Why am I sat here now writing this?

Pursuing writing is setting yourself up for failure. It’s promising yourself that you’ll eventually ‘get there’, that you’ll eventually let go of what it is you need to say and feel a weight lift from your shoulders.

But writing is a disease. And once you’re infected, that wave of dissatisfaction, of constant need for improvement and betterment; that desire to overcome consistent failure… it won’t ever go.

It’ll travel with you.

The least you can do is accept the fact.